Patch Notes v2.07.03

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Patch Notes v2.07.03

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0.
In questo elenco vengono omesse le note tecniche relativi agli aggiornamenti lato server e di non interesse per i giocatori.
  • Implemented the Battleground Queue System: Added a battle config which allows toggling of the Battleground Queue client feature and also toggles between the modes of scripts. Added script commands bg_reserve, bg_unbook, and bg_desert. Removed old custom Battleground scripts.
  • Corrects Feint Bomb knockback: Feint Bomb should make the user backslide cells equal to the level used.
  • Quest data should be cleared on char deletion: Player quest data should be deleted when the character is deleted.
  • Fixes Land Protector not removing some units: Fixes Land Protector not removing units with the RangedSingleUnit flag.
  • Resolves Tetra Vortex AoE: Resolves Tetra Vortex levels 6-10 not doing an AoE. Adds placeholder for missing cast time for levels 6-10.
  • Fixed a missing colour ending Fixes
  • Fixes SpiritSphereCost negative values: SphiritSphereCost has potential -1 value to remove all available spirit spheres.
  • Fixed Spiritual Ring + Wizardry Staff combo
  • Fixes Duration1 and Duration2 negative values: Duration1 and Duration2 have potential -1 value to send infinite tick for statuses.
  • Updates 3rd Trader NPC according to KRO Sakray: Updates Poison Herb, Rune Stone, and Point Merchants to a simple shop that doesn’t give discounts.
  • Implements Kafra and Zonda Extended Services: Adds the Kafra Corporation and Zonda Corporation NPC.
  • Corrects Soul Staff and Wizardry Staff view ID: Corrects the view ID for Soul Staff and Wizardry Staff to be 2H Staves.
  • Updated 3rd class from RO 16th Anniversary Patch: Updated the 3rd class skills according to the RO 16th Anniversary Patch. Complete changelog here: ... &curpage=1
  • Added an option to block discount in shop
  • Fixed remove trap skills
  • Fixed some skill crit bonuses: Resolves critical item bonus not applying to skills.
  • Fixed Hocus and Improvised Song ignoring mapflags: Fixed skills casted by SA_ABRACADABRA and WM_RANDOMIZESPELL ignoring critical mapflags
  • Updated the last room instance to match official script
  • Corrected script of Velum_Flail: Correction for vellum flail item script
  • Pushcart Decoration npc: Added the official npc to acquire the skill Pushcart Decoration

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