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Patch Notes v2.08.02

Inviato: 04/05/2020, 10:21
da Devil
Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0. Da oggi in poi le notes ufficiali in inglese verranno riportate cosi come saranno pubblicate, comprese le note tecniche lato server.
  • Ripristino instances Sky Fortress, Temple of Demon God e CharlestonCrisis
  • Aggiunte le seguenti armi all'enchanter di Malangdo: Sealed_Magic_Sword, Sealed_Evil_Sword, Sealed_Maximum_Sword, Poison_Forged_Spear, Exquisite_Yellow_Foxtail_Model, Magical_Yellow_Foxtail_Staff, Sunflower_Kid
  • Tolti alcuni costumi dai drop rari che già presenti nello shop di INFINITY
  • Eliminata feature di velocità nelle città e nel paramarket per conflitto con skills e status di speedup.
  • Convertite e ripristinate oltre 400 custom quest al nuovo formato YAML
  • Attivato e disponibile permanentemente il Test-Server con rates 100%. I dati in esso contenuti verranno spesso resettati ed allineati al main-server per effettuare test e quant'altro.
  • Fixes an issue with status timers being destroyed (#4885) Fixes #4856. Follow up to d1f8c8c and 652d77e. A missing break from an old commit along with a refactor in code resulted in a "valid" fall through and breaking status change timers. Also fixes a potential crash with Book of Creating Star. Thanks to @OptimusM, @technoken, @sader1992, @mazvi, and @akiyamamio16 for helping debug!
  • Fix description typo for Bio4 Reward Script (#4851)
  • Fixes battle config skill_removetrap_type (#4865) Fixes an array out of bounds check when attempting to return used traps to a player through HT_REMOVETRAP. Thanks to @marky291!
  • Fixes Weapon Crush and Weapon Blocking combo (#4809) Fixes #4808. Weapon Crush now uses SC_WEAPONBLOCK_ON to track the target instead of SC_COMBO. Also fixes Quick Draw Shot target selection. Quick Draw Shot and Weapon Blocking should be considered a combo and not end physical attacks when casting them. SC_QD_SHOT_READY will no longer become active if the player has 193+ ASPD. SC_QD_SHOT_READY will now end once Quick Draw Shot has been casted. Cleans up skill_check_condition_sc_required and removes duplicate code. Thanks to @wdivet, @LordWhiplash, and @ecdarreola!
  • Stop vending when an invalid list is received (#4868) Fixes #4778. Vending will now be stopped if an invalid list is received. Thanks to @blipblopblip!
  • Follow up to 38cf16edbaa36836072780b4481023e57e014892 *Thanks to @aleos89 and @LordWhiplash
  • Adds back removed skills from kRO (#4803) Fixes #4802. Adds back AB_EUCHARISTICA, GN_SLINGITEM, and GN_MAKEBOMB. Adds back CR_CULTIVATION for renewal. Skills are disabled in the skill tree database but gives easy ability to re-enable. Fixes an issue with pre-renewal produce database spitting errors when using any production-type skills. Thanks to @trinitynetworks!
  • Fix WZ_HEAVENDRIVE skill ratio (#4862) Adjusted to account for the default 100. Thanks to @Latiosu!
  • Fixed duplicate itemshops and pointshops (#4850)
  • Fix Lord of Vermilion damage (#4855) Fixes #4852. Fixes Lord of Vermilion damage not accounting for the total of each hit. Thanks to @mazvi and @Latiosu!
  • SQL synchronization
  • Add Flame Basin, Isle of Bios, Morse's Cave and Temple of Demon God Mob Card Drop (#4842) Enable Despair God Morocc Card ItemID
  • Added independent idle time and settings for homunculus share (#4761) Follow up to 921b3e2c3e9eae36cbf2ca35bcede6e0d73ba074