Patch Notes v2.08.05

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Patch Notes v2.08.05

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato: e6bffc1
  • Aggiornato npc e script "PVP Master" per accesso come spettatore e varie fix sui dialoghi
  • Aggiunto warp per "Last Room" alla Warper
  • Aggiunta feature per le "Taekwon Missions" che annuncia la % di uccisioni dei mostri della missione
  • Effect State Update
  • Fixes NPC_DARKBREATH attack type Follow up to 70d6876. Fixes #4997. * The attack type for NPC_DARKBREATH will now properly read the database value. Thanks to @qwerty7vp!
  • Added enchant npc for temporal shoes slotted and ogh card exchange (#4985)
  • Summoner corrections (#4993) Fixes SU_POWEROFSEA max HP and max SP bonus when investing more than 20 skill points. Fixes SU_SPIRITOFLAND and SU_CN_POWDERING combo's perfect dodge bonus. Thanks to @LordWhiplash, @qwerty7vp, and @Balferian!
  • Added rental_item_novalue config (#3749) Added a config to always sell the rental items to NPC for 0 Thanks to @Lemongrass3110, @cydh, @aleos89, @Daegaladh for the review !
  • SU_HISS Perfect dodge fix (#4991) Fixes #4990. Adds missing x10 rate for perfect dodge calculations. Thanks to @Balferian and @LordWhiplash!
  • Fixes a potential crash with atcommand time (#4989) Fixes #4960. Adds a timer data validation check for atcommand time. Thanks to @marky291!
  • Corrects NPC_DARKBREATH behavior (#4982) Fixes #4864. Adjusts damage formula to official. Adjusts damage type from Misc to Magic. Skill now has a 50% success chance to damage the target. Removes Flee and Defense Card ignore flags. Thanks to @Masao87 and @mrjnumber1!
  • Removes nullpo checks from CSV2YAML (#4979) Fixes #4791. Removes two nullpo checks from CSV2YAML. Fixes undefined reference compile errors. Thanks to @ecdarreola!
  • Fixes Blood Sucker not being able to be recast (#4968) Fixes #4964. Fixes Blood Sucker not being able to be recast on another map if caster dies while active. Minor cleanups and added safety checks. Thanks to @Everade!
  • Remove Summoner Hide when changing maps (#4958) Fixes #4953. Remove Summoner Hide when changing maps to avoid equipment from being stripped due to the inability to change equipment while the status is active. Thanks to @Everade!
  • Fixes MO_EXTREMITYFIST (#4886)
  • Fixes a crash caused by invalid skill ID (#4935) Fixes #4934. Fixes a potential crash when using atcommand useskill. Thanks to @Stingor and @CairoLee!
  • SQL synchronization
  • Mob and NPC Identity Update
  • Resolves Autospell displaying errors to console (#4921) Fixes #4883 Fixes Autospell displaying invalid skill errors when clicking Ok or Cancel. Thanks to @admkakaroto!
  • Skill Database cleanups (#4902) When reloading the skill_db clear out Abra, Magic Mushroom, and Reading Spell Book databases as well. Fixes NC_SHAPESHIFT and NC_REPAIR checking an invalid ItemCost slot based on the old implementation. Updated a lot of references to the old skill databases.
  • Fixes Adoramus' interaction with Land Protector (#4920) Fixes #4876. Adoramus should not do damage to anyone inside the range of Adoramus. Thanks to @teededung and @Tokeiburu!
  • SQL synchronization
  • Corrects Happy Balloon item script (#4976) Fixes #4963. Corrects Happy Balloon drop rate bonus and Aegis name. Co-authored-by: Atemo
  • SQL synchronization
  • Job Improvement Project - Rune Knight (Part 2) (#4709) Fixes #4708. kRO Changelog: ... &curpage=1 Thanks to @ecdarreola, @Litro, @Haydrich, and @LordWhiplash!
  • Fixed getcharid error in Continental Guard quest (#4970)
  • Job Improvement Project - Guillotine Cross (#4705) Fixes #4704. kRO Changelog: ... &curpage=1 Thanks to @Angelic234, @nehpetskie, @ecdarreola, @Haydrich, @Badarosk0, and @LordWhiplash!
  • Renames SQL Upgrade script
  • Job Improvement Project - Minstrel/Wanderer (#4701) Fixes #4211. kRO Changelog: ... &curpage=1 kRO Changelog 2: ... &curpage=1 Thanks to @Angelic234, @Litro, @LordWhiplash, @Feelmeone, @ecdarreola, and @teededung!

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