Patch Notes v2.08.11

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Patch Notes v2.08.11

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato: 005a2c4
  • Aggiunto nuovo comando @storage in funzione solo nelle città
  • Aggiunti i Bullet Vendor in tutte le città
  • Ripristinato log degli item della Warehouse (magazzino di gilda per fix del crash-bug)
  • Rilascio sul test-server nuovi NPC per Costumi & Headgears Quests
  • Fixed slave monsters not teleporting with their master (#5150)
  • OnTouch support when npc is walking (#5134) Added support to trigger 'OnTouch'/'OnTouch_' npc label when a npc is moving through npcwalkto script command. Fixed #502 Thanks to @aleos89, @wbgneto !
  • Added the race RC_PLAYER_DORAM (#5132) Added RC_PLAYER_DORAM to differentiate summoner race from monster race RC_BRUTE (similiarly to RC_Player_Human and RC_DemiHuman) Replaced PC_Player by RC_Player_Human and added a deprecation notice
  • Fixed accessory-card insertion (#5145) The cards with specific 'compound on accessory side' can now only be inserted on accessory equipment using the same side. Fixed #4977 Thanks to @attackjom
  • Fixed Temporal Boots DB (#5022) Super Novice are no longer able to wear Temporal Boots
  • Fixed supportive monsters calling monsters with no assist mode
  • Fixes a compile warning Follow up to 5ef29be. Casts the size of the guild storage log to int16.
  • Fixed an issue with guild storage log (#5138) Fixes #5115 Thanks to @Angelic234 and all others
  • Web authentication token feature (#5093) Co-authored-by: Lemongrass3110 Co-authored-by: Aleos
  • Sarah and fenrir instance hotfix (#5140) Corrected MM_SARAH monster mode (added MD_MVP and MD_STATUS_IMMUNE to the mode) Changed warpparty to mapwarp command in the instance script for now Fixed #4323 Fixed #5098 Thanks to @Badarosk0 and @Everade
  • Fixed lucky roulette updating (#5139) Fixes #5128 Thanks to @Balferian
  • Fixed passive slave monsters becoming aggressive (Passive slave monsters officially get stuck when are too far from their master and lost their target) *Follow up to 04ba3e3d96887ca766fee7ae0e62e5252313ce22
  • Fixes NC_REPAIR and NC_SHAPESHIFT requirements (#5129) Fixes #5124. Fixes the level independent item requirements for Repair and Shape Shift being offset by 1. Thanks to @ecdarreola!
  • Corrected 'Healer Haru' npc to grant permanently first aid to doram race (#5135) Fixed #5043 Thanks to @zeffen
  • Mob and NPC Identity Update
  • Corrected guild relay script (#5131) Corrected the value of the variable guildtime to match the value in official script. Fixed #1785 Thanks to @Lemongrass3110
  • Fixed typo in GeffenMagicTournament.txt (#5133) Fixed #2963 Thanks to @admkakaroto
  • Corrected Wanderer Outer + Wanderer's Sakkat combo (#5130) Fixed #5103 Thanks to @idk-whoami
  • Fixes skill cast delay flag (#5127) Resolves an issue with CastDelayFlags not properly assigning to the correct variable. Thanks to @sader1992!

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