Patch Notes v2.08.12

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Patch Notes v2.08.12

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato: ff38cf7
  • Ripristino instance Malangdo Culvert ad accesso gratuito
  • Rilascio su test server versione semi finale della Custom Headgears Quest di INFINITY
  • Fixes party name display (#5182) Fixes #5179. Fixes players who are not in parties sending out invalid data and possibly crashing the server.
  • script_command example has unmatched ')' (#5177) Counter productive when copy pasting example for modification
  • Adds support for object groups and titles (#5171) Fixes #4529. Adds support for applying groups and titles to non-player objects. Expands script command setunitdata and getunitdata to support group ID. Adds script commands setunittitle and getunittitle. Co-authored-by: Lemongrass3110
  • Fix Survivor's Circlet (#5111) Fix effects and combos for 19020. Adds effects and combos for 19266 Fixed #5090
  • Revert random opt index change (#5172) Reverted the index change to match the index in the client
  • Adds several missing player session checks (#5158) Fixes #5156. Adds missing player session checks for the char-server. Thanks to @blipblopblip!
  • Added and fixed some pet features (#5040) Fixes #5019 Thanks to @alisonrag
  • Monster Spawn Update (#5015)
  • Fixes Arrow Crafting * Fixes Old Blue Box failing to be crafted into arrows.
  • Fixed a potential segfault in pc_insert_card (#5167)
  • Fix incorrect operator usage (#5166) Fixes #5164
  • Added a config for triggering OnPCLogout events on autotrade (#5159)
  • Random options update (#3993) Implemented additional random options from official server Fixed #3988 Thanks to @Stolao @cydh @aleos89
  • Added leader change restrictions to @changegm command (#5157)
  • Fixes MF_PVP_NIGHTMAREDROP not clearing on reload (#5160) Fixes MF_PVP_NIGHTMAREDROP not being cleared during a script reload and resulting in the drop list reaching the max size.
  • Guild emblem implementation for late 2019 clients or later (#5144) Co-authored-by: valhein Co-authored-by: Lemongrass3110 Co-authored-by: Aleos
  • Fix bonus damage (#4974) Fixes #4972. Fixes skill constant bonus damage. Thanks to @SeravySensei! Co-authored-by: Aleos
  • Soul Reaper souls now persist relog (#5142) Fixes #5032. Soul Reaper souls will now persist relogs. Removed the soul_timer as the timer data is stored to the status change. Thanks to @laziem and @Tokeiburu!
  • Fixes Flame Launcher burning duration (#5148) Fixes #5147. Flame Launcher should give burning status for 7 * skill level. Burning no longer requires val2 or val3 values.
  • Corrects Fire Dance ammo consumption (#5143) Fixes #5137. Fire Dance should remove 3 bullets. Thanks to @Badarosk0!
  • Corrects Power Swing and Axe Boomerang behavior (#5123) Fixes #5109. Power Swing should only cast Axe Boomerang when an axe is equipped. Thanks to @Haydrich!
  • Improvements to skill_detonator (#5118) Fixes #3268. Adds more safety checks for possible nullptr skill_unit_group data. Adjusts order of failure checks to speed up operations. Thanks to @uddevil and @ecdarreola!
  • Fixes a crash non-player objects and timed skills (#5117) Fixes #5110. Fixes a potential map server crash when non-player objects attempt to use Chain Lightning, Tetra Vortex, or Flash Combo and are kill during duration. Thanks to @Hope8888!

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