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Patch Notes v2.08.15

Inviato: 27/07/2020, 10:13
da Devil
Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato: faadc80
  • Aggiunto warp per Airship Assault all'npc warper
  • Fixati e modificati item richiesti per la Headger Quest
  • Aggiunto nel test-server sistema di random enchats opzionali alle armi e armature droppate dai mostri. Questo sistema è in fase di test e verrà modificato secondo le esigenze della community e per il mantenimento dell'equilibrio di gioco.
  • Effect State Update
  • Fixes weight of Throwing Weapons (#5237) Fixes #5094. Fixes the weight for Shuriken, Nimbus Shuriken, Flash Shuriken, Sharp Leaf Shuriken, Thorn Needle Shuriken, Icicle Kunai, Black Earth Kunai, High Wind Kunai, Heat Wave Kunai, Fell Poison Kunai, and Explosive Kunai. Thanks to @flamefury and@Atemo!
  • Added Paradise Market Mapflag (#5219) Added the following mapflags to paramk map nobranch nomemo nopenalty pvp off noteleport
  • Racing Cap (Super Novice) combo (#5233) Racing Cap (Super Novice) & Racing (Super Novice) 2Lv (and 3Lv) should grant GN_CARTBOOST
  • Fixes Adoramus' area of effect (#5231) Fixes #5221. The AoE is now 7x7 for levels 1-6 and 11x11 for levels 7-10. Thanks to @Badarosk0!
  • Added the ability to make dynamic cash/item/point shops (#5213)
  • Fixes crash when warping to invalid instance (#5228) Thanks to @sader1992!
  • Fixes skill failure message that require items (#5225) Fixes #5222. Fixes a skill failure message that requires an item in the players inventory or to be equipped. Thanks to @voyfmyuh!
  • Adjusted script command progressbar_npc behavior (#2381) Players are no longer detached from the script. Players can't walk, attack, use items, or use skills while progress bar is active. Co-authored-by: Lemongrass3110 Co-authored-by: Atemo
  • Added support for race/size/element/min level/max level quest objectives (#5191) Added support for race/size/element/min level/max level quest objectives Enabled Butler for the Richards hunting quests (ep16.1) Co-authored-by: Aleos Thanks to @attackjom, @Balferian ! Took some parts from ... 4726e4d8f5 thanks to @exneval !
  • SQL synchronization
  • Corrected several Rock Ridge drop sell prices (#5224)