Patch Notes v2.08.16

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Patch Notes v2.08.16

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato: 01afe46
  • Aggiunto nuovo NPC a nord del Paramarket per il settaggio permanente di alcuni comandi individuali.
  • Configurato e messo online nuovo Test-Server (GRAZIE A TUTTI I DONATORI)
  • Fixes attack cursor not showing up in duels (#5259) Fixes #5256. Fixes the attack cursor not being displayed when players are in a duel. Thanks to @roSBK!
  • Updates behavior of statuses that reduce damage (#3129) Fixes #2671. Restructured battle_calc_damage to utilize battle_status_block_damage for statuses that block damage. Renewal Safety Wall has a hit count tracker, same as pre-renewal. Updated renewal Safety Wall HP formula. Safety Wall will now check for Land Protector before attempting to consume a Blue Gemstone. Moves Kyrie and other similar type status changes that may or may not block damage to the top of the list of priority. Adds a short delay to Parrying for the next attack when damage is successfully blocked. Fixes Millennium Shields remaining shields getting destroyed when damage was over 1000. Fixes Millennium Shields disappearing on map change. Thanks to @Paoly28 and @mrjnumber1, @cydh, @ecdarreola, @InusualZ, and @Badarosk0!
  • Removes waitingroom check for Maya Purple hackfix (#5269) Fixes #3102 and fixes #3645. Removes the waitingroom check for the Maya Purple card hackfix. Thanks to @sader1992 and @Badarosk0!
  • Fixes Jewelry Ring item bonus (#5253) Fixes #5248. Commented out LUK bonus. Now reduces variable cast time by 30%. ASPD and cast reduction bonus now lasts for 5 seconds. Thanks to @llchrisll!
  • Fixes Wind Blade and Wind Charm bonus (#5257) Fixes #5227. Wind Blade should only have a bonus of 10% per Wind Charm.
  • Adjust EXP storage to uint64 (#4377) Updates EXP table to 200/70 Always store exp as uint64 no matter the client date. Adjusts guild exp to uint64. Co-authored-by: Aleos Co-authored-by: Lemongrass3110
  • Fixes NPC_RUN behavior (#5236) Fixes #3622 and fixes #5220. Monsters now properly escape from the attacker. NPC_RUN should determine distance based on skill level > 1. Resolves Sphere Mine when summoned by an Alchemist not escaping. Thanks to @Balferian, @Indigo000, and @Daegaladh!
  • Fixed secure timeout triggering npc_scriptcont debug messages (#5239)
  • Fixes Veteran Axe Hammerfall bonus (#5254) Fixes #5227. Fixes Veteran Axe not casting Bash when using Hammerfall. Thanks to @Angelic234!

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