Patch Notes v2.09.01

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Patch Notes v2.09.01

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Ci scusiamo per il ritardo al rilascio delle notes degli aggiornamenti ma eravamo in attesa dell'aggiornamento e delle fix per il remake del Warlock che ora spacca come non mai!
Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato:78676d8
  • Aggiornato il client per le nuove features del rebuild del Warlock
  • Aumentato il livello massimo per accedere in varie instance custom fino al lvl 200.
  • Fixato l'npc Card Trader e corretto nel suo shop l'Old Card Album con la versione corretta e con il costo ufficiale in carte
  • Aggiunti comandi @showdelay e @uptime a tutti i giocatori per inserimento nell'npc per gli auto ccommandi al login
  • Fix errore su Vending System 2.0
  • Removed skilleffect/npcskilleffect cap (#5319) *Partially revert of eccf5ab20c3ae02cf46c9827f485b8d88a62b531
  • SQL synchronization (#5321) Fixed #5311 (ora gli item del Warlock sono nel DB)
  • Episode 15 update (#5297) updates 15.1 using aegis files Police quests Wandering Bard Quest gm npc added doom Prayers spawn event on verus04 Corrected To Phantasmagorika! quest Corrected Vestige quest Added Reward Coordinator and Contribution Certificate Vending Machine npcs (the daily quests coming with them are officially disabled but the rewards npcs remain) Added the missing kafra on verus04 Corrected the main quest updates 15.2 Corrected misc npcs Corrected Krotzel's Request quest Corrected memory quest Corrected the item DB and quest DB Added a sql file to replace the old player variables
  • Adjust the Hell Inferno dark element check (#5316) Adjusts the dark element attack check for Hell Inferno to be a bit more accurate. Thanks to @attackjom and @Lemongrass3110!
  • Fixes item production with high item IDs (#5315) Fixes #5312. Fixes general item production skills not consuming catalyst items with high IDs. Adjusts item searching functions to use t_itemid instead of uint32. Adjusts script command makeitem2 to use t_itemid isntead of uint32. Fixes output and lookups for atcommands idsearch, autolootitem, iteminfo, whodrops, makeegg, and itemlist. Fixes signed vs unsigned checks. Fixes MVP logging. Fixes item drop ratio storage. Fixes CSV2YAML conversion checks. Thanks to @idk-whoami and @Lemongrass3110! Co-authored-by: Lemongrass3110
  • Counteragent Mixture - Name Typo (#5308) NPC naming typo fix, that has been introduced back in 2008.
  • Fixes Brandish Spear splash area (#5313) Fixes #5294. Fixes the area of effect for Brandish Spear. Thanks to @PipeDeveloper!
  • Fixes renewal Brandish Spear range (#5310) Fixes #5251. Range should be BF_LONG only and not stacked with BF_SHORT. Cleans up battle_range_type checks. Thanks to @PipeDeveloper!
  • Fixed logging out on newer clients (#5302) Fixes #5215 Thanks to @4144, @mazvi and @attackjom
  • Fix Arrow Crafting db with high item ids (#5307) Fixes #5306 Fixes arrow crafting db and produce db, changed atoi and shorts to strtoul and t_nameid
  • Enables new Special Pharmacy Potions (#5304) Fixes #4732. Enables the production of the new Special Pharmacy Potions.
  • Job Improvement Project - Warlock (#4897) Fixes #4706. kRO Changelog: ... &curpage=1 Thanks to @LordWhiplash, @Badarosk0, Sigma, @Balferian, @tumemmac, @teededung, @attackjom, @Felleonel and @mrjnumber1! Co-authored-by: Lemongrass3110
  • Added additional idle options (#5284) Previously no NPC interaction was taken into account. This will be fixed and enabled by default now.
  • Fixed premium storage name in SQL script (#5301)
  • Support itemids up to ~2 billion (#5141) Co-authored-by: aleos89 Co-authored-by: Lemongrass3110
  • Adjusts disabled NPC with waiting rooms (#5289) Fixes #5288. Follow up to 1c6270f. Changes NPC that have waiting rooms to not be disabled, but be hidden. Thanks to @Forte22! Co-authored-by: Atemo
  • Fixed memory leak from pet imports (#5283) Fixes #5279 Thanks to @mplaten
  • fix stuck on warp/writing mail (#5299)
  • Adjusts NPC_EARTHQUAKE behavior (#5017) Fixes #1679 and fixes #3176. Converts the skill to a unit-based skill. Damage is now properly calculated based on the caster's ATK. Damage is considered magic with the element forced to Neutral. Now ignores target's DEF and Land Protector. Kaupe and Tumbling now can avoid the first attack only. Removed old bits of the skill. Thanks to @poporing, @mrjnumber1, @Daegaladh, @malufett, and @exneval!
  • Fixed mobskill_event not triggering with plant mode monsters (#5264)
  • Fixed Estun not damaging all monsters (#5293) *Estun should damage monsters of all sizes, but only stun medium sized monsters
  • Fixes sphere requirement for Knuckle Arrow (#5287) Fixes #5245. Corrects the sphere requirement of Knuckle Arrow to 0 for levels 6-10. Thanks to @Badarosk0!
  • Fixes RODEX retrieve all button (#5238) Fixes #5061. Resolves the client crashing when attempting to retrieve all attachments from mail. Mail should not be marked as read after retrieving the attachments from them. Converts packets to new struct format. Thanks to @admkakaroto and @attackjom!
  • Fixed condensed potions weight on pre-re (#5286)
  • Updates map_cache for Izlude Academy (#5240) Fixes #5045. Updates the map_cache data for the change to the Izlude Academy. Thanks to @zeffen!
  • Added "bonus2 bMagicSubDefEle,e,x;" (#4375) "+x% magic damage reduction from enemy with defense element e" Corrected random option script:
  • RDMOPT_MDAMAGE_PROPERTY_element_USER Fixes #1706: Fire Golem Card (27029) Corrected Books of Apocalypse (1557) script Applied bMagicSubDefEle bonus to some items
  • Implements NPC_HELLBURNING (#5274) Fixes #1893. Implements NPC_HELLBURNING skill for Horror Toy Factory Instance. Enables NPC_HELLBURNING for HIDDEN_MOB7. Thanks to @Atemo and @exneval!
  • Adjusts npcskilleffect and skilleffect (#5270) Fixes #2156. Adjusts the two script commands to take into account the type of skill being used. Adjusts documentation to reflect. Verify skill and skill level. Thanks to @Yuchinin and @Lemongrass3110!
  • Fixes refine attack bonus (#5261) Fixes #4007. Fixes an issue where the refine bonus of a weapon was overwriting ATK2 bonuses given by other equipment. Thanks to @cahya1992!
  • Fixed a sign error in battle_calc_cardfix (#5285) Fixed #5273 Mistake introduced in ... 737d57281a Thanks to @ecdarreola
  • Follow up to 2e88b27 (#5260) Resolves some remaining issues with NPC secure timeout. Fixed scripts freezing on close Idle timer is reseted on closing Fixed npc_idle_tick being set again on closing Co-authored-by: Daegaladh
  • Adjusts homunculi hunger delay rate when starving (#5281) Fixes #2242. When a homunculus is starving (hunger between 0-10) their hunger delay drops from 60 seconds to 20 seconds. Added battle configs to allow easy adjustment. Thanks to @mmalka and @mrjnumber1!
  • Cancel skill usage keeping on failure (#5282) Stop skill usage keeping when the player fails to cast in some fashion. Thanks to @Badarosk0!

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