Patch Notes v2.09.03

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Patch Notes v2.09.03

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Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato: 88b506a
  • Added item Nobless-Imperial-Grace set (#5303) Updated item_trade.txt SQL synchronisation
  • Fixes a potential crash with the mail system (#5345) Fixes a potential crash with the mail system Fixes #5298. Resolves a potential crash with the mail system if someone is modifying packets. Adds an extra item verification check. Thanks to @blipblopblip!
  • Parry delay should be based on adelay (#5325) Removes hard coded 1 second delay. The delay should scale based on the player's ASPD. Thanks to @mrjnumber1 and @Daegaladh!
  • Fixes renewal Spiral Pierce damage (#5262) Fixes #3503. Adjusts weight damage modifier 7%. Adjusts size damage modifier for small targets to 115%. Adjusts size damage modifier for large targets to 85%. Adjusts size damage modifier to only apply for players. Thanks to @mrjnumber1!
  • Rename upgrade_20200505.sql to upgrade_20200808b.sql (#5327) Renames match to patch date. Thanks to @mazvi!
  • Adjusts Summoner max job level to 60 (#5336) Fixes #5330. Lowers the job level from 70 to 60. Includes SQL file to revert any characters that may have gone beyond job level 60. Thanks to @mazvi, @attackjom, and @Balferian!
  • Corrects some details about new Alchemist Potions (#5335) Fixes the Concentrated Red, Blue, and Golden Syrup Potions to only require 5 Empty Potion Bottles instead of 10. Fixes Golden X to return 1 damage instead of 0 on reflect. Thanks to @Badarosk0 and Sigma!
  • Fixed battlegrounds not resetting on reloadscript (#5255) Thanks to @aleos89
  • Fixed skill usage keeping timer being set when skill id is 0 (#5341)
  • Resolves Warlock Spell Books being consumed (#5339) Fixes #5338. Resolves the new Warlock Spell Books being consumed after double-clicking. Thanks to @idk-whoami!

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