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Patch Notes v2.10.01

Inviato: 11/09/2020, 12:49
da Devil
Il seguente è un aggiornamento straordinario e cumulativo degli update ufficiali delle scorse 2 settimane, da questo lunedì gli aggiornamenti settimanali riprenderanno regolarmente.
Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0, gli altri aggiornamenti sono descritti e discussi in dettaglio sul GIT ufficiale dell'emulatore.
Ultimo aggiornamento installato: 0da05e2
  • Corrected some statuses and Mado Gear interaction (#3782) Follow up to 0d81697. Added a separate check for Mado Gear and blocking Merchant/Blacksmith/Whitesmith specific statuses. Harmonized the statuses with the new allowed skill list. Thanks to @slyx88!
  • Fixed Sealed Shrine timer not being disabled (#5389)
  • Fixed a potential dead end in the merchant quest (#5378)
  • Added novice_vending_machine.txt (#5387) Added the NPCs 'Vending Machine for Novice' from walkthrough Fixed #3681 Thanks to @zackdreaver, @Balferian, @aleos89 and @secretdataz !
  • Addtionnal check in npc_touch_areanpc for npc_click (#5386) Added a check in npc_touch_areanpc (only) to avoid a warning from npc_click
  • bg_join - battleground doc update (#5385) Added more information in the doc about waitingroom2bg_single and bg_join commands Added MF_BATTLEGROUND mapflag check in waitingroom2bg_single and bg_join to prevent the player to join a bg when the battle map is not a battleground map
  • Fixed a potential crash in the char-server (#5381)
  • Small correction in bg_team_leave (#5372) Corrected bg_team_leave to also remove the player from the bg when entry_point (bg enqueue) is not defined
  • Fixed Magic Bible Vol 1 (#5361) *Magic Bible Vol 1 should be equippable by Soul Linker and non-transcended magician classes, despite its ingame description.
  • SQL synchronisation (#5362) Follow-up ... 0f1ae46ab8
  • Terra Gloria (episode 16.2) - walkthrough conversion (#3990) Updated monsters DB (data from aegis and DP) Updated item_db (data from aegis and DP) Updated quest_db, thanks to @zackdreaver for the quests names ! Implemented SC_EP16_2_BUFF_SS, SC_EP16_2_BUFF_SC, SC_EP16_2_BUFF_AC buff, thanks to @aleos89 ! Not removed on change map Not removed on log out Not removed by dispell/clearance/Vanishing Buster Removed on death SQL synchronisation Thanks to @Badarosk0, @attackjom, @admkakaroto, @JohnnyPlayy, @Angelic234, @teededung for the reviews/contributions !
  • item_db and item_combo_db correction #6 (#5258) Correct up item_db, item_combo_db. Added Riot Chip combo, Added missing item_db from Riot Chip combo.
  • Adds Advanced Potion Merchant NPC (#5360) Adds the Advanced Potion Merchant who sells the Red, Yellow, White, and Blue Syrups for Concentrated Red Syrup Potion, Concentrated Blue Syrup Potion, and Concentrated Golden Syrup Potion creation. Co-authored-by: Atemo
  • Updates the Magic Book NPC (#5344) Updates the Magic Book NPC, Lea, to the new item IDs. Lea no longer requires items for Magic Books.
  • Excellion trader and enchant npcs (#4592) Implemented excellion trader and enchant npcs on Verus
  • Added/improved SG's maps and monsters reset script and GM commands (#5359)
  • Charleston Crisis instance (old version) (#4840) Initial implementation of Charleston Crisis instance Added charleston exchange/enchant npcs
  • Fixes timer deletion errors from skill_keep_using (#5355) Fixes #5354. Fixes invalid or wrong timers getting deleted from skill_keep_using when using a second time. Adds skill casting checks to prevent timers from being created if the player can't cast the skill to begin with. Thanks to @Masao87 and @admkakaroto!