Patch Notes v2.07.01

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Patch Notes v2.07.01

Messaggio da Devil » 09/01/2020, 19:36

Le note in italiano sono esclusivi aggiornamenti per il server di INFINITY 2.0.
In questo elenco vengono omesse le note tecniche relativi agli aggiornamenti lato server e di non interesse per i giocatori.
  • Disattivati gli eventi di Natale ed occultato il cadavere di Antonio.
  • Fixed SC_KEEPING and SC_BARRIER exploit after classchange: Fixed monsters affected by SC_KEEPING and SC_BARRIER not moving or attacking after classchange.
  • Corrected Rock Ridge monster spawn: Corrected an incorrect monster spawn for White Plant.
  • Mob and NPC Identity Update.
  • Costume Update: Update renewal costumes.
  • Updated Cat Paw texts and name.
  • Fixed official Cat Paw addition exploit: Fixes an exploit where you could save in Manuk and Splendide fields and open Warp Portal to these maps for other players.
  • Small correction of ritual of blessing instance: Corrected the touch event Added missing text Corrected and improved some timers.
  • Fixed pet eggs as mail attachments.
  • Additional configs for mobs idle AI: Added conf options to enable/disable monsters using idle skills and move when there's no players nearby.
  • Expanded a couple baby job names: Expanded Job_Baby_Rune -> Job_Baby_Rune_Knight, Job_Baby_Bishop -> Job_Baby_Arch_Bishop,
  • Job_Baby_Cross -> Job_Baby_Guillotine_Cross, Job_Baby_Guard -> Job_Baby_Royal_Guard, and Job_Baby_Chaser -> Job_Baby_Shadow_Chaser.
  • Corrected mob availability database sprite lookup: Adjusted the monster sprite lookup to ignore any restrictions based on monster data.
  • Corrected mob warp check: Corrected mob warp check failing to determine validity of target map.
  • Se leggi questo vuol dire che non ti stai annoiando a leggere tutti sti aggiornamenti... bravo!
  • Corrected Gatling Fever damage: Damage no longer depends on the target's size.
  • Corrected Vacuum Extreme behavior: Vacuum Extreme will now pull players into the center. Vacuum Extreme should only pull in players that stop within it's AoE. It will now ignore "no knockback" bonuses players have.
  • Adding Missing Portals: Added some missing portals to yuno and lighthalzen.
  • Threshold for blacksmith refine fame points: Made refine threshold for giving Blacksmith ranking point configurable.
  • Moved Material Seller shop to Renewal.
  • Corrected Enchant Arms for older clients: Resolved the status icon not clearing for each element.
  • Fixed an issue with random calculation on abra in some cases.
  • Giusto che sei arrivato fino qui a leggere ora lancia il client e torna a giocare! ;)

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