About Us

Infinity server was one of the first private servers in the world opening in 2003 in Italy, it was merged into the euRO Beta in 2004. Now the same people are re-building it, and this time it will be a European server.

INFINITY 2.0 is updated to Episode 16.2. Third jobs with jRO alternative outfits are fully implemented, along with the Rebellion Awakening and Kagerou/Oboro expansion.
We've got plenty of official Instances available, as well as dozens of convenient player commands. We're also one of the few servers to have the official Achievement and Title System implemented. With the help of our brand new 2017 Renewal Client, INFINITY 2.0 strives to bring you the most up-to-date content available. This includes some great features such as the fully playable Doram/Summoner Race, the ability to choose each character's gender, item linking, and many more!
Concerning PvP we've got some Battlegrounds for you, with special modes such as Conquest, Capture the Flag, Stone Control, Triple Inferno, KvM and DoTA PvP Ladder.Rates are set at 10/10/10 during the week, while the weekend rates change at 20/20/20 (from friday 6 p.m. to monday 5 a.m. CET). Some additional small customisation are:

  • Gap EXP sharing party is 50 levels
  • Exp and Drop function as in a pre-Renewal server: experience and drops are not affected by difference in level between the character and the monster, while in a normal renewal server severe penalty would be applied to both drop and exp rates. Enjoy leveling as you wish!!!
  • More custom npc like warper, healer, reseter and the most common commands are available including showexp, autoloot, autosell and go
  • Alternate costume jRO for 3rd Jobs
  • Many personalizations of your character, including an "avalanche" of hairstyles and colors
  • All free instances even those officially paid (Item Shop no longer required)
  • Eglish/italian/polish direct support
  • Expert/mature GMs (ex-official GMs of euRO)
  • Friendly community
  • Weekly server updates with official additions
  • Daily login rewards with special custom prizes, special buffs, cash shop items and currency
  • Random, weekly and seasonal events with dedicated GMs
  • Daily Hunting rewards, including cash shop items and currency
  • Emotional growth (intimacy) homunculus and pets x10
  • Modifications and improvements of the server in accordance with the demands of the community

Many feauters will be implemented with server and community growth, but basic we will implement all the best that RO can offer.

 Renewal: Have Third Job or Higher
 Healer  Skill Resetter  Stat Resetter
 Job Changer  Platinum Skill NPC  Town Warper
 Dungeon Warper  Field Warper  Buff NPC
 Same-Sex Marriage  Custom Maps  Battleground
 Floating Exp Rates
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